Smile and The World Will Smile With You

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Smile and the world will smile with you

Everybody is saying that smile does not cost anything, but believe it or not – has very big power and impacts other people in the very best way. Scientists have conducted a survey, that people who are smiling are a lot happier than the rest. It is much easier for them to find their second half also as earn more money. So, why a lot of us still leave signs of our worries, concerns and foolishness on the face instead of smiling?


How smile affects us?

Did you ever recognise that when you smile, many people around are affected and they smile back to you? And it is always a pleasure, when we are met with a smile. Through smile we can forward to other people a lot of different information: emotions which we are feeling, private life situations we are experiencing, that we might want to flirt or simply just to talk to someone.

P. W. Scharlemann carried a survey which results showed that smile increases people’s self esteem by at least 10%. Of course, the information people are sending might be wrong too, but if you want to send positive energy to someone or need to put person onto your side, smile will make it easier. It is a very powerful tool which helps to manipulate people in a very effective way!


People that smile live longer

The more person smiles, the more self confident he or she looks. If you use your smile during very important meetings, job interview or other important occasions surrounding people will be impressed by your confidence. It is very important to use your smile at its maximum to create positive energy around you and others. It is proven, that employers are more favourable to look at smiling candidates for work, and chances of getting a job can increase dramatically.

Moreover, smile can make you earn more money. This was proven by professor and scientist Kathi Tidd when she conducted waitress survey. I guess results won’t impress anyone – a waitress with a smile earned much more tips and good feedbacks than the rest with neutral or negative emotions shown in the face. Smile in service field is crucial. Even if you are serving customers over the phone, it is recommended to smile. It’s believed that people are able recognise whether you smile or not simply by your voice.


Send smile through your eyes

Talking about smiles can raise a question, what about fake smiles? Yes, fake smiles do exist. One of the biggest examples – Americans (I’m sorry my American friends). It looks like their fake smiles are like their tags. More and more we hear that it is only a gossip, but I wouldn’t be so sure and that comes out from my own experience. Fake smiles can hide some kind of disappointments or frustrations. Some of the psychologists say that fake smile can even hide various types of depression. However, in order to understand people we have to attract people to our side and get to know what is really happening deep in their minds.

Usually we demonstrate our smiles in pictures on social media platforms and other virtual places. Many of us believe that we are not photogenic and condemn smile which then leads to not natural look.

In order to understand whether a person is faking smile or no we have to pay attention to person’s eyes. Whoever smiles and is naturally happy just by smiling can be recognized through sparkling eyes. French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, in XIX century was investigating face muscles. He highlighted the second type of smile – that was found in muscles around eyes. When we are naturally smiling, our muscles around eyes start to look like wrinkles and it gives a look of sparkling eyes. This is because our eyes are second thing that people notice when we smile.


Easier to find your second half  

It is already proven that smile helps to get a job, raise career, make new relationships, also makes other people to be happier and respond back to you with smile. That could even make much easier to find your second half. That’s why beautiful bright shining smile is called as number one women’s weapon. Debra Walsh with colleagues made a social experiment and was watching men’s behaviour in the bar. If women looked into men’s eyes without smiling, it attracted only about 20% of men, but the ones who also smiled attracted over 60% of men. Conclusion was made that smiling women is more attractive for men than others. However, this does not apply to men. Men who demonstrate arrogance more than happiness look more attractive to women. Men without smile look more solid than those who laugh or smile all the time. However, once women gets to know men more, they expect a natural smile from him, because then women feels more secure and comfortable.


Still not smiling? If you do not believe that smile can do a magic tricks without any harm, try to conduct a smile experiment yourself. If you feel bad try to smile, in this case it is not important, that your smile is fake. Even fake smile can decrease small tension therefore you will feel better soon. Try simply smile in work to your colleague or for a random person in the street when walking home and you definitely will receive a positive respond. If you are not very happy with your smile and do not feel comfortable City Smile is there for you to give you a more confident and beautiful smile with latest pain free laser technology only in one hour with effective results. For more details surf our website, read customers reviews and get in touch with us!


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